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This question is a little difficult in which to be precise- so I am going to guess. The blood feeds bone and organs oxygen, nutrients picked up by what a person eats, iron, and other such material. To really understand this you have to get down to a cellular level and see how cells consume and generate energy. Bone cells are different in structure and function than a cardiac cell. However, to answer this question, I think you are looking for "blood". Hope this helps.

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Q: What strengthens bones and teeth helps keeps blood healthyand keeps the heart and organs working properly down?
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His internal organs were working properly.

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Collagen strengthens tendons and supports the skin and internal organs.

What is the importance of collagen the human body?

Collagen strengthens tendons and supports the skin and internal organs.

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We all have cancer sells lurking in our bodies. By eating properly we keep our organs in proper 'health' . Proper nutrition also keeps our immune system working properly.

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nothing immediatley, but there will be consequences, in case of cancer cells, they spread tumor to the surrounding organs/tissue system

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