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its got 5mg percocet and 325mg acphetomine in it.

To be more correct, 5mg oxycodone hydrochloride and 325mg acetaminophen.

Percocet is a brand name, oxycodone is generic.

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Q: What strength is a pill that has Watson 3202?
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Opioid medications Describe pain pill Watson 3202?

A pill with the imprint Watson 3202 is Acetaminophen and hydrocodone bitartrate. It is used to treat pain.

What milligram of hydrocodone is a pill that has Watson 3202 and is white with red specks?

It is Hydrocodone 5mg Acetaminophen 325mg.

How long does it take a Watson 3202 do be out of your system?

How long does 3202 Watson stay in your system

What is Watson 3202?

It's a hydrocodone pill, usually 5mg Hydrocodone and 325mg acetaminophen. Generic vicodin. Why 'usually'? It is always 5mg Hydrocodone and 325mg acetaminophen :)

What are the red specks in Watson 3202?

The red dots are caffeine.

Side effects of Watson 3202?

The maid side effect or warning of taking Watson 3202 is the possibility of getting hooked on the drug. Other side effects include vomiting, upset stomach, and constipation.

What is the dosage of Watson 3202 and 349?

The dosage of a Watson 3203 and a Watson 349 will depend on the doctors dosage. Each patient will be prescribed a different dosage.

Is Watson 749 stronger then Watson 512?

I think 500 mg is the 512749 750 mgWrong, wrong and wrong!First, there is no pill indexed "Watson 512", as Watson Pharmaceuticals does not manufacture "512" pills. The pill you seem to mean must be Mallinckrodt's product (no WATSON letters on it, just number 512). But it is not 500mg.Second, there IS a pill indexed "Watson 749", and it is a Watson product. But it is not 750mg in strength.Both "512" pill and "Watson 749" are generic versions of brand name Percocet, equal in strength containing 350mg of oxycodone hydrochloride and 5mg acetaminophen each.

Watson 3202 compared to Vicodin 750?

Both the Watson 3202 (generic equivalent to Vicodin) and Vicodin 750 both contain 2 medications: hydrocodone and acetaminophen. The difference is the amount of these ingredients. Watson 3202 contains 5mg of hydrocodone bitartrate and 325mg of acetaminophen (generic Tylenol). The Vicodin 750 that you ask about is quite likely Vicodin ES (extra strength). This contains 750mg of acetaminophen and 7.5mg of hydrocodone. This is obviously stronger than than Watson 3202. When taking either of these medications, you must not take any other products that contain acetaminophen (Tylenol). Acetaminophen is commonly found in OTC cold and flu medications and products for menstrual discomfort (such as Pamprin, etc.) and, of course, plain Tylenol pain reliever that you buy OTC. Taking too much acetaminophen (more than 4 grams or 4000 milligrams in 24 hours) can lead to irreversible liver disease and possibly death.

What are the side effects of Watson 3202?

the side effects are that it makes u feal great the side effects are that it makes u feal great

Is Watson 540 a viciden?

Yes, a white pill with Watson 540 on it is a VicodinM

What are 10Mg Vicodin by Watson called?

A 10mg Vicodin by Watson is called a acetaminophen / hydrocodone 325 mg / 10 mg. This pill is a Watson and is labeled Watson 853 or Watson 540. Consult with someone in the medical profession before consuming an unknown type of pill.