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- Reward creativity, encourage individual time with people (not just group), defend them when they are persecuted for being different.

- Show them YOUR individuality.

- Allow them to do things outside the "norm" e.g. be in plays, play a musical instrument, take dance lessons, question everything!

- Teach them respect for others individuality.

- Teach them how can be "one of the crowd" while still being themselves.

- Encourage things like having a bowl of ice cream for breakfast once in a while, or pancakes for dinner, go to a movie during the day, volunteer their time, help the downtrodden, anything the 'average' person doesn't do, but would be a good thing to do.

- Tell them the things you admire about them.

- No matter what tell them that their opinion counts (and let it), allow them to have their feelings - all feelings are valid but that doesn't mean they are correct or right about whatever subject they touch on.

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Compliment them on their style or just say what you feel. Make it brief so that your point gets across and so they can ponder about what you said. Children are very impressionable and their styles will change with their attitudes or their surroundings. There is no guide to being a parent, just trial and error. Seeing what works and doesn't work because every child is different.

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Q: What strategies can you use to show children to show them that you respect their individuality?
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