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Your question makes an assumption that it is the role of the government to provide healthcare. Many people do not agree that that is a true statement.

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Q: What step should be taken by the government to provide healthcare to all?
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Does the northwest community hospital provide medicine?

"The Northwest Community Hospital located in Arlington Heights, Illinois does have an onsite pharmacy so it does in fact provide medicine. You can get all of your healthcare needs taken care of at this hospital."

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Molly Craig was taken away from her family by the government because she was a 'half-caste'. The government believed that these type of children should be raised the European way.

provide 3 examples where legislation might impact your role as a worker in a community service orginisation?

My sexual orientation, my specific gender healthcare being taken away as a right, and my views on religion

What steps should be taken by the government of India to solve the problem of jammu and kashmir?

Stop Abusing and discriminating the local public of Kashmir, provide security and help to them, rather than playing politics on them and making them against the indian government try to show them the government is for them and government need and respect the people of Kashmir as anyone else in India, to strengthen our borders and secure our brotherhood.

What measures has government taken to combat communalism?

government should try to inform and crate awareness among all the citizens that they all are one and they should have feeling of fraternity and nationalism

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the government should improve security system of our country.judicial system must be made should be ensured by the government that no one is duped in exemplary action must taken against the terrorist.

What steps are taken by the Indian government to clean river ganga?

should makes dams

What measures has government taken against untouchables?

Measures. Taken by government for Untouchabilty

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This is because we should save tigers

Cash advances should only be taken and used for expenses that are related to official government travel?


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To have early warning so they can be prepared.

How is chymotrypsin taken?

Chymotrypsin is usually taken in oral capsule form. It is important to follow the dosage instructions provided by your healthcare provider or as indicated on the medication label. Chymotrypsin should be taken with a glass of water and can be taken with or without food, as directed.