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Q: What states have a city named Cleveland?
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How many cities in the U.s. named Cleveland?

There are 16 states have a city named Cleveland including Ohio, Kansas, and Indiana, and find the rest for yourself!

Which city in Ohio was named after a president?


Is Cleveland a country?

No- there is no country in the world named Cleveland nor has there ever been. There is a major city in Ohio in the US, named Cleveland. The city got its name from a man named Cleveland whose surname came from a region in England with that name which means land of cliffs.

What county is Cleveland NC?

Cleveland, North Carolina is in the county of Rowand. The city is named after Cleveland, England. There are 818 people living in this city.

What states have the city named Bloomington?

What states have a city named bloomington

What state has a city named Gift?

No states have a city named Gift.

Which US states have a city named gnome?

No state has a city named Gnome.

What states have a city named St. Cloud?

Minnesota has a city named St. Cloud.

What legendary coach is honored with an NFL team named for him in one city?

The Cleveland Browns are named after coach Paul Brown.

Is there a city named Salem in every state?

No there are only 18 states that have a city named Salem

What is Cleveland named after?

President Cleveland was named Stephen Grover Cleveland.Cleveland, Ohio was named after General MosesCleveland.Cleveland from Family Guy and The Cleveland showis named Cleveland Brown. His son is named Cleveland Brown Jr.

What city name do the states KentuckyIndianaNew HampshireMarylandConnecticutand Georgia have in common?

All of those states have a town or city named Bethlehem.