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what special or facilities disabled people require

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Q: What special care or facilities disabled people require?
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Why are you interested in working with developmentally disabled people?

There are many reasons people are interested in working with developmentally disabled people. One main reason is they get a chance to make a difference in another persons life. It also feels good to help people.

What challenges do paraplegic people face other than being not able to move some parts of their body?

Limited access to some buildings, because of stairs, lack of ramps, etc. Prejudice. Being treated like the person is mentally disabled even when they are only physically disabled. Often a person in a wheelchair, if shopping accompanied by a friend or family member, will find that the cashier will hand their money and receipt to the person with them, instead of to the disabled person, as if the disabled person is incapable of handling money. Some people will actually speak to the disabled person in a manner usually reserved for children, instead of treating an adult disabled person like an adult. Many disabled people are very lonely and are socially very isolated.

What is the purpose or main goal of care provided by rehabilitation facilities?

to help people in needs

Are you Super Special?

Well you can feel super special it is a feeling that you get about yourself. But not all people will think that someone is super special just depends if you know the person and how well you get alone.

Why are lovers very special person?

Well lovers are very special people because you are giving a piece of your hart to them and you love them. You could some time down the line marrie them. They have to be the right person.

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What are some benefits of disabled parking spots?

Disabled parking spots offer help to people with special requirements. Most commonly, they are located close to the entrance of a certain building so that minimum movement is required in order to access facilities.

Do people with epilepsy need special facilities?

The vast majority of people who have epilepsy lead very normal lives and do not need any special facilities.

What facilities do schools need for disabled people?

Enough ramps for the disable person to get around the school.

How do you define special needs?

Special needs can refer to people who are disabled in some way and require extra care and consideration that the average person does not, such as a wheelchair ramp or a classroom teachers assistant to help them with their studies.

What does Para Olympic mean?

It is a special event for the disabled people.

What grants are available for disabled people?

The grants available for disabled people are like disabled toilets, lifts (even though everyone uses these),special carehomes and exectra.=Can you think of any other grants for disabled people? work it out and lets see what you get.....=

Why can't disabled people participate in sport?

There is a sport specifically for disabled folk. I.E wheelchair basketball. There's also the special olympics.

How do disabled people play sled hockey?

they go to a special type of training fascility

Is there a Olympics for disabled people?

The Paralympics and the Special Olympics ~ See related link below .

What is the definition of mobility map?

A mobility map gives information on facilities in the city. It also gives access points for disabled and older people.

What are the main reasons for Discrimination against disabled people?

Some people think disabled equals unable which is most often not the case. There are sometimes minor adjustments that a disabled person may require but usually they can function just as well as anyone else. Some people may feel uncomfortable around disabled people, simply because they are not used to dealing with them.

Is scoliosis special needs?

In most cases, no, however, some people are left badly disabled by scoliosis so those people would be considered special needs

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