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what special or facilities disabled people require

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Q: What special care or facilities disabled people require?
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Do people with epilepsy need special facilities?

The vast majority of people who have epilepsy lead very normal lives and do not need any special facilities.

How do you define special needs?

Special needs can refer to people who are disabled in some way and require extra care and consideration that the average person does not, such as a wheelchair ramp or a classroom teachers assistant to help them with their studies.

What facilities do schools need for disabled people?

Enough ramps for the disable person to get around the school.

Is there a Olympics for disabled people?

a disabled person can be in the special Olympics but not in the real Olympics

How do disabled people play sled hockey?

they go to a special type of training fascility

Why do you refer to disabled children as special needs children?

because disabled children has come to be known as a derrogative term, meaning it makes people feel less than what they are really worth. these people are not disabeld, they can usually do all the things we can with the special needs they need to have.

How were people with special needs treated?

There were a variety of ways that a person with disabilities treated in the past was treated. They were often spit on.

Is scoliosis special needs?

In most cases, no, however, some people are left badly disabled by scoliosis so those people would be considered special needs

Why weren't disabled people aloud in the Olympic games?

They are, but they would most likely be at a disadvantage, hence why there is a special Paralympic games for disabled people, where they are matched by how much their disability holds them back. Hope that makes sense!

What has the author Careth Ellingson written?

Careth Ellingson has written: 'Directory of facilities for the learning-disabled and handicapped' -- subject(s): Directories, Education, People with disabilities

What are assisted living facilities?

They are for people who do not need around the clock care and supervision. The workers in assisted living facilities help elderly, and disabled people with daily living activities like cooking, cleaning, shopping. They are there to assist in the areas the person in need has difficulty in doing for themselves.

Are there grants for disabled people?

Are there grants for disabled people?