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the sources are in

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Q: What sources of infection would not be considered communicable?
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What are some communicable lung diseases verses non-communicable lung diseases?

Communicable lung diseases would be Tuberculosis, the common cold, HiNi flu, these are contagious. Non-communicable lung diseases would be asthma, COPD, and Lung cancer.

What would happen if your white blood cells stop functioning?

Infection. This is considered immune compromised.

Are Websites Secondary Sources?

Most websites would be considered secondary sources but depending on the information the site contains and when it was created it could be a primary source.

Name a disadvange of sharing a bed?

The chance of communicable diseases would be one.

Can tonsillitis bring on an ear infection?

It's certainly possible, yes, though it would be considered a bit out of the ordinary.

Is contagious disease and communicable disease same?

Both terms have the same meaning. Communicable disease is the term used in the medical community and would read better if you are writing a paper.

What reasons would be considered important for civilzations developing ariund rivers and other water sources?


What is non communicable?

Non Communicable simply means that you can't catch the disease from casual contact with another person who has it. Cancer, or heart disease would be a terrible disease but you cant "Catch them" for someone that has them. A cold or the flu, std's are all examples of "Communicable diseases", diseases you can catch from contact with someone that has them.

What would be considered a primary historical document or account?

A history book written by taking information from lots of other sources.

Would be considered a primary historical document or account?

A history book written by taking information from lots of other sources.

What is non communicable diseases?

A non communicable disease is one that is not contagious. For instance, high blood pressure is a non communicable disease, as would be any form of cancer.-A non-communicable disease or NCD is a disease which is not infectious. Such diseases may result from genetic or lifestyle factors. A non-communicable disease is an illness that is caused by something other than a pathogen. It might result from hereditary factors, improper diet, smoking, or other factors. Those resulting from lifestyle factors are sometimes called diseases of affluence. The non-communicable diseases are spread by: heredity, surroundings and behavior.

Are mumps measles and chicken pox non communicable diseases?

It's a communicable disease, spread by a virus. There's an immunization against it, combined with immunizations for measles and rubella (German measles) in the MMR.Flase