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Effective Communication! Talk, talk and more talk. And I do not mean phone talk, text talk or even picture talk. I mean real talk. Face to face talk. When you can look into a preson's face, see his/her reaction, watch body language, patience or disgust, the whole gammit of personal expression. But besides this matter of face to face communication you should also learn to be a good listener. And besides being a good listener, you should expect the same quality from the other party. Sometimes it will be necessary to interrupt a lengthy monologue that does not allow your input. Just remind the other party that, after letting him/her have his/her say, you would like to respond. We call this "Tit for Tat" communication. More on "Tit for Tat" and other communicatiion problems in the book recomendation 2 and # 6 on my Bio Page.

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Q: What some technique for effective communication?
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