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state on what skin conditions an emollient would be used.

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Q: What skin condition would you use an emolliment on?
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What is the bleaching substance that Michael Jackson used?

He got a rare skin condition which made his skin get very sensitive to the sun. Eventually, his skin got paler and paler.

If you have a acne free face and you use acne products will it prevent?

If you have acne free skin you should not use acne products to prevent it. This may not cause acne but may cause rashes or other skin problems. But if you had acne and by using acne products you got acne free skin, in that case you need to use acne products to maintain your condition. This will definitely help to prevent zits. However the recommended usage of product would be lower than what you used to use with acne condition. The best guide would be a dermatologist or an expert's advice. I have listed a useful resource for you.

What is Salitop Cream Salicyllc Acid use for?

The Salitop Cream I have is for my Keratosis Pilaris,a skin condition.

How would you use condition in a sentence?

the old swimming pool was in poor condition

Gently Wash Your Skin?

To keep your skin in the best condition possible, use a warm washcloth in the morning. Don't scrub the skin to the point you make it red, but gently wash the skin with a mild soap. If you notice that certain soaps irritate your skin, use one that does not have any fragrances or oils.

What is tiger skin good for?

it is not right and tiger skin is not for any use. a better source to use would be cow skin/leather or fake fur

What tool will you use to separate the skin from the muscle layer?

so, a frog has 2 layers of skin and what do you use to separate the skin from the muscle?

Is it ok to go sunbathing after waxing?

I think it depends on the skin you have. For example, if you have dry skin you shouldn't probably sunbathe. Moreover, you should use moisturizer. But If you have normal skin, I don't think It would be a problem. However, if you have some scratches after your hair removal, you really should not sunbathe. So I guess It depends on the condition your skin is afterward .

What colours of blusher suit what skin types?

Light/fair skin would use a light rose. Medium skin would use a slightly darker rose, and dark skin would use a mocha-type of blush.

How can you use the word leprous in a sentence?

(Leprous means displaying leprosy, or having a similarly scaly or disfigured appearance) The leprous condition of his skin suggested a serious medical condition.

How do physicians use chemistry?

A dermatologist uses chemistry in various ways so as to offer solutions to skin conditions. They will analyze the skin conditions and find the best medications that would treat a particular condition based on the chemical changes.

Can you use a penguin's skin?

yes but why would you want to you sicko!