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It varies between a 7.5 and a 10 usually.

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Q: What show size does a 3 year old wear?
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What size of jeans should a twelve year old wear?

size 12 or 14

What is the average clothes size for a 10 year old girl?

A 10 year old girl would likely wear a size 10 to 12. This is just average though, some will wear bigger and some will wear smaller.

What is the shoe size of 5 year old?

It depends how large that 5 year old is. Kinda like asking what size shoe do men wear ?

What size shoe does a one year old girl wear?

usually about size 3 or 4.

What size shoe does the average 6 year old wear?

A 7 year old boy might wear a size 1 shoe, or he might wear a size 13. Some 7 year old boys with very large feet might even wear a size 2 or 3 shoe.

What size shirt does a 7 year old boy wear?

Should wear 7/8 or meduim

What size bra should a 15 year old wear?

There is no particular size for 15 year old girl's to wear. Every girl is different in size and therefore you should get measured. If you go into shops like Debenhams or La Senza, they will measure your size for free and make sure you are wearing the correct size of bra. i think any size will do if it works for ex) i know a 12 year old size c and another 20 size b

What size shoes does a 13 year old boy wear?

no more than a 16

What size pants should an avergae height 12 year old boy wear?

A 12-year old girl should wear a size 12/14. If the girl is tall, she may want to go up a size so things will fit better.

What size if Lululemon pants fit a 12 year old girl?

It depends on the size of the 12-year-old girl.

What bra cup size should the average 10 year wear?

10 year old girls are not really supposed to be wearing any kind of cup size.It's best to wear training bras or sports bras...But if a 10 year old were to wear a cup size it would probably be a 32AA...11,12 and further that's when you really start to wear a cup size.

Can a 16 year old wear a size 7 shoe?

Well, if your shoe size is seven, then you can physically wear them. However, it is uncommon to have that shoe size at that age (it is possible though).