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SOAP AND WATER. Other additives do nothing to improve the cleanliness of the body, just the smell..which wears off fairly quickly.

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Q: What should you wash your body with?
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Should you wash your hair first or body first?

I think you should first wash your. The dirt fromthe hair will be over your body & then you can wash your body.. :-)

What is the difference between hand wash and body wash?

well hand wash is to wash your hands and body wash is to wash your body but you could use both of them for the same thing.

How many times should you wash your body?

Every other day. you shouldn't over wash your body! if you do all your natural oils will be gone. But if you do a sport that is a different story... you should take a shower every day to get that nasty sweat off your body:)

Can you wash a 7 week old husky with oatmeal human body wash?

No, definitely not, they should use proper dog shampoo.

Can you suggest a good body wash for my skin type?

You should try out a body wash for sensitive skin. There are many available in the market. Try Dettol's Sensitive antibacterial one. It is good.

Your wife hit you and you hit her back what should you do?

Take her body out and dispose of it. and wash your hands.

I have hair here but not here is old spice hair and body wash right for me?

You have hair there? Hmm. Old Spice Hair and Body Wash may clean you, but you should also see a doctor.

What should shampo should you use on your guinea pig?

i always use baby body wash and it never bothers her skin

Does dove body wash have lotion in it?

The dove body wash will moisturise like lotion.

How do you wash your male organ?

Wash it just like when you wash the rest of your body.

Can you wash a guinea pig with dial body wash?

No you can't use human soap, you should use soap made for small animals like guinea pigs.

Is it ok to wash your hair with body wash?

Soap is soap.