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Cedar Drops-But consult an allergist first

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Q: What should you take if you are allergic to cedar tree pollen?
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What is a hedgehog allergic to?

Most notably, Aromatic oils found in some woods, cedar being the most prevalent. Individuals may be allergic to other things. If you suspect they are, take them to your vet.

Should patients who have allergic reactions to aspirin take NSAIDs?

Patients who have allergic reactions to aspirin should not be treated with NSAIDs

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No, bees are not allergic to pollen. In fact, bees collect pollen as a source of protein and other nutrients for themselves and their young. Pollen is an essential part of their diet and is necessary for the survival of bee colonies.

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No, I would not try it.

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You should take it to the veterinarian right away.

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Keflex is not a sulpha drug.

Can you take Cipro without knowing if you are allergic to Cinolon?

Yes no one is stopping you but you SHOULD find out if you are allergic but theres only a 5% chance

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In locations in temperate latitudes with a wide variety of flowering plants, pollen may be present the year round. Pollen is the male part of the fertilization process. But not all pollens are troublesome. (Which is probably the purpose of the question.) A person who is allergic or reactive to pollens may have this response explored, or may take medication to relieve the attack symptoms.

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