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Say "Thank you!" with a smile, and leave it at that. If they want to go on about it, let it be up to them.

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Q: What should you say when girls tell you that you have a nice chest?
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What should you do for a girl?

Be nice to the girls...don't be mean to them,tell her you love her alot if you have a crush on her,tell her nice stuff,do anything she tells you to do

If your a nice guy who only knows girls that are taken how can you meet some more nice girls?

All you have to do to meet nice girls is be arround one and see if they are nice. If it's not going to work, tell her comly and then try again.

Is it haram for a Muslim guy to do nice things for girls?

NO tell that guy to bang her too #iammuslim JK no it's not haram for a muslim guy to do nice things for girls, it is haram for him to take advantage and try to have sex and kiss the girl. That is haram doing nice things should be expected from people. Lol.

Why do girls whistle at girls?

Usually its to catch their attention (call them) or to tell them something example they look nice, etc.

How do you get girls to talk to you on Facebook?

just be you like a nice person tell them your pretty and all that

What is a good way to attract girls if you are just a nice guy?

well that's easy! just be the nice guy that you are! that's what alot of girls look for. tell her you like her clothes or that her hair looks nice today. tell her she's beautiful. make her laugh! don't think that you have to change who you are to get a girl to like you.

What do you do if your a really nice guy but the girls only go for the mean guys?

Do what they tell u to do, be mean

How you can attract the girls?

tell her that her hair looks nice or her shirt does she will get automaticly intrested and fall in luv

Things to say to pick up girls?

If you want to pick up girls, tell them that they look nice, that their hair looks pretty, or that they have a nice smile. These are good things to say to pick up girls.Compliments are the best things to say to pick up girls. All girls like to hear nice things about themselves.

How do you get a seventh grade boy to like a seventh grade girl?

Just talk to the guys about the girls and how nice the girls are. Tell them good things about the girl. If you want them to like you show respect to them and talk to them. Don't be crazy. Tell them about you and ask about them. Just be nice. If that doesn't work just tell them that you like them and see what they'll do.

Is it good to tell a girl you don't know very well that she looks nice?

Yes!! Girls love compliments. Tell her she is looking good!

Everything guys wish girls knew?

Nice try, if you don't know already then I won't tell you.