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Thank you. You are too.

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Q: What should you say when a girl says you are hot?
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What do say when a boy says you are hot on roblox?

overtimes they might say to a man who commented on a hot girl that "If she was my ... This ITG is not to be confused with someone who says what they actually think

What should you do if a hot girl fancies you and she acts it but doesn't say it?

Well ask her and see what she says and how she acts. You caould ask her out too

What do you say when a girl comes up to you and says her friend thinks your hot?

Then you say which one YOU think is hot. Thanks Buddy. :)

What do you say when a girl says im hot?

well if you like her then tell her i think you are too

What do you say if the girl says to you why should i forgive you?

Tell her you love her

A girl says to boy how much you miss what should he say?

A lot

What to say to a hot girl you like?

just be yourself and they should like you for who you are

How can you go about asking out a girl who comes into your work everyday but have never spoke to?

You say " hey hot stuff!" Then you ask her " hey I was wondering if youwanted to get a bagel If she says "no" then you ask her" Do you have a boyfriend?" Then if she says no again you say fart then stick your tongue out at her and say" I am hot and you are not!!"

What should you say when a girl says she's addicted to you?

That you're addicted to her too.

When a girl says thank you what do you say?

When a girl says thank you to you then you say 'you're welcome.'

If a girl says i love you in front of my guy friends i have a crush on her should i say i love you back should i believe her?

I think you should say you love her back

What should a guy answer if a girl tells you are hot when you are at work where it is not easy to respond?

Just say thank you.