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Q: What should you get your boyfriend to do to correct a mess up?
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Should you give chances to your boyfriend?

Depending on how bad him mess up was.

What artist does the song What if your Boyfriend the Lyrics are I know what you like I know what you want but I am going to mess it up bc I am your boyfriend?

I believe you mean "Idiot Boyfriend" by Jimmy Fallon, correct me if I'm wrong.

You think you and your boyfriend are gunna break up soon what should you do?

Ask him if your feeling is correct.

How do you tell your best friend you love her when you dont want to mess up the friendship and she has a boyfriend that doesnt treat her the way i could?

How do I tell my best friend I love her when I don't want to mess up the good friendship between us? She also has a boyfriend that doesn't treat her the way she should, and I could fix that.

Ex boyfriend wants to just mess around with you while having a boyfriend?

u should not do dat u should stay loyal to ur boyfriend unless u have alot of feelings for ur ex if dats true than u should break up with ur boyfriend n get back with ur ex

If you like this guy and you talk to him and play around with him and then your ex boyfriend starts talking to him what does it mean?

Your Ex boyfriend see's that you like him and is trying to mess up it up for you.

Is it bad if a boys lies to you about breaking up with you?

YES! IT is. whatever a boyfriend lied to you about, he is no trust worthy boyfriend. Trust me dawg. THis is not Crap to mess with.

What do do if your boyfriend only spends time in a club?

if your boyfriend only spends time in a pub, you should ask him straight just whats going on, ask him if he would rather be with you or a keg of beer. even if you really love him i think you should tell him that you love him but if he continues like that then you would rather be with some one who will be with you all the time. don't be scared, if you really love him, then you'll correct him be4 things really mess up. :)

My boyfriend wants to start kissing but im scared if like i mess up or something what should i do?

The boy usually "takes the lead" in kissing and is the one that should know the most about it. You should not be worried about messing up. He will only be concerned about how he is doing if he has not had much experience in kissing.

Why should you mess up your room?

You shouldn't you should clean it!

Should you break up with your boyfriend if you have been dating for three months and you had your first kiss with him?

No that should really depend on if you have fights with him. He probably wants to actually take his time with you cause he loves you and doesn't want to move too fast and mess up.

What do you do after installing software?

update it regulary use it correct dont mess up with settings