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elevate you feet above your heart. or exercise.

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Q: What should you do when your diastolic is 65?
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What is the meaning of a diastolic reading of 65?

This would be within the normal range for an adult diastolic resting blood pressure.

Normal range for diastolic and systolic blood preassure diastolic 110 for systolic 71?

The systolic number is always higher than the diastolic number. 120 or lower for systolic number and 80 or lower for diastolic is in normal range. If diastolic is high, say 95 after running - is ita high? and if what should one do?

Which reading if high should you be more concerned with systolic or diastolic pressure?

They look at the diastolic (smaller number) when checking for high blood pressure.

What is the mean artiel pressure for a person with 110 and 65 mm Hg as systolic and diastolic pressure respectively?

80 mm Hg

Is systolic of 124 and diastolic of 119 good?

You're systolic is very good, but you're diastolic is very high. You should try measuring your blood pressure at various times as it can change at the slightest of activities such as climbing a set of stairs. If you continue to see high diastolic pressure figures (it should be around 70) you should seek a doctors advice on how to lower it.

What is the diastolic reading of a blood pressure?

Diastolic refers to the moment when the heart muscle is relaxed between contractions. Diastolic blood pressure is the pressure at that moment - the lower of the two blood pressure numbers. (e.g. if the blood pressure is 120/80, the diastolic pressure is 80.) it is the bottom number of a blood pressure reading. it measures the force of blood in the chambers of the heart: the atria and ventricles.

Does coronary perfusion occur in the systolic or diastolic phase.?


Which comes first diastolic or systolic dysfunction?


What is a sentence using the word diastolic?

The systolic pressure is the upper number, while diastolic is the lower number.His diastolic pressure climbed to 120 in a blood pressure of 220/120.The woman's diastolic blood pressure fell with a large gap between the systolic and diastolic pressures.

What does the dystolic number mean and what should it be?

your diastolic bp, briefly, is your heart intake bp, the lower number, which should be +- 80.

Is the lub systolic or diastolic?

it is systolic I remember it by Lub-Dub like clapping your hands.

How do you determine a person's diastolic blood pressure?

MAP=diastolic pressure+(pulse pressure/3) so... MAP - (pulse pressure/3)= diastolic pressure