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Let him down easy.. You don't want to hurt his feelings too much. Tell him that you are flattered (or something like that) but you don't feel the same way about him and you like him better as a friend.

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say if you love me why don't you ask me out? or if that doesn't work then ask him out!
the question you have to ask yourself is do you love him?

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Q: What should you do when a guy says he loves you and you dont?
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What does it mean if a guy says he LOVES YOU but after a couple seconds he says as a friend?

if a guy say he loves u and them he dont talks to u he is not the one for u

You told a guy you love him so what should you do?

Wait to see if he says he loves you too.

When a guy says he loves you with explanation marks what does that mean?

means what it says he really loves you and is really into you

After kissing you a guy says he loves you does he meant it?


How can you tell if the guy loves you?

He says it, and shows it.

Should i be worried if the guy is confused about whether he loves me as much as he says he does?

Honestly, that depends on what he's confused about.

What should you do if you love a guy who has a girlfriend that he's cheated on but still loves and says that he loves you?

you don't trust him. the way you are saying about the guy it seems. he is a big cheater. how can a guy have 2 girls at same time. he is cheating at you.

What do you answer if a guy says he loves you?

Well if you also love him , your reply back " I love you too" , but if you dont you have to let him know your not ready for that commitment yet .

I love this guy but i dont want to go out with him but i want to what should i do i dont know what my heart is telling me to do?

if you love him you should go out with him no matter what your heart says but if hes not the kinda guy you want you should not go out with him

When a guy says he wants to love you what does he mean?

That he loves you.

Who is crisitan Gomez?

The stupidest guy ever!he dont kno how love a girl when she really loves him he should die and that girl should look for another guy that knos how to treat her right cause cristianv dont kno how to do that

Your with this guy and you dont love him but he really loves you what do you do?

you should say i like you and all but don't you think we should go are separate ways for a while?