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I guess it all really depends on why it scares you. Maybe you could try sleeping with the television on, or some other kind of light to prevent being completely in the dark. Generally though, if night time actually scares you, then there really isn't much of anything you can do about it. Start eating Chewing Gum. Trust me it really works

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It all really depends on why you're scared to sleep in there. This has happened to me before, where I get scared about something and am scared to sleep in my room. I guess all you can really do is not sleep in your room if it really bothers you that much.

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Q: What should you do if your scared to sleep in your room?
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How old should you be when you stop sleeping with your mom?

Well I stopped when I started first grade but if u are scared of your room then u should sleep in your room! You should overcome your fear! Oh and don't be scared of still sleeping in her bed its nothing to be ashamed of! I hope this helped u!

Why do dogs go to a closet to sleep?

They are either scared or are attached to an item in the room or just the room.

Is it right to make a 1 year old child to sleep in own separate room?

when they are little they will sleep with you but when they get like 4 or 5 you should probubly put them in their own room if they are still scared get them a nightlight and tell them it will protect them or what ever it is that they are scared ect. about.

Why should call the bed room?

the room you sleep

How long should a child sleep in the parents room?

It matters, girls mature faster than guys yet they tend to get more scared. About until 5 or 6. Maybe 7 but that seems a little old and if. If you mean when should child get their own room is about 3 or 4

Should you allow your 15 year old son to sleep in your room?

I'm twelve years old, and I might know why he would want to sleep In your room. I get really paranoid about things and sometimes believe my room is haunted. I might see a spider, or hallucinate. He might not be telling you something. Ask your son if his room Is haunted, if he's scared of something, he might tell you and you can help get rid of whatever ant infestation, creaky bed or where the creepy sound Is coming from. If all else fails, let him Sleep In your room, as long as it not becomes a nightly habit.

Do dogs sleep walk?

Some dogs sleep walk. When they sleep walk it is because they are scared.

Is it illegal for a 9 year old boy to share a bedroom with his mom?

No, but it is very wierd! Mabey your child is scared to sleep in his own room! You never know! Ooh

Name a reason a child might want to sleep with their parents?

Children often sleep with their parents because they are scared of the dark, monsters under the bed, monsters in the closet, they saw a bug in their room, or just because they're lonely. The average child stops this around age 6, but if it continues, don't worry. They will eventually grow out of it. But if you get worried, take them to mental therapy.

Does snails sleep?

yes ofcourse they do, they hide in their shell while they sleep also when their scared

What is the clause in this sentence your little brother will go to sleep with the light on because he is scared of the dark?

He is scared of the dark.

Why might a kid want to sleep with his parents?

because he is scared