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break up u hate her

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Q: What should you do if your girlfriend told you she has a best friend?
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What should you do if you like your best friend but he is leaving for the marines and has a girlfriend but he has told you that he likes you before?

and also to add from the question above he has told you he does not really like his girlfriend

What to do if my girlfriend told me my best friend is better looking?

Just laugh about it, and ask if she will prefer your best friend to you. She might be saying the truth but not to move along with your best friend.

What do you do if you like your best guy friend but he told you he likes your best girl friend?

In my opinioon you should find out if your best girlfriend likes him, if she does then maybe you should help things move along with them, its kind of tough but you will realise that its better to make your friends happy then to make everyone sad. Theylle be other guys, and it will be hard, and maybe you should tell your friend about your feelings and his too and see if she decides to back off. I think you and your best girlfriend should talk about it.

You like your best guy friend but haven't told him but he told you he likes your best girl friend What should you do?

You tell him how you feel maybe it will work out!

If you told your best friend you liked a guy and you told her not to tell him and she told him should you be mad at her?

Yes. As she is your best friend an she told your secret! (another person):well think abotu it if she is truly your best friend and you think you should be go a head but is it really worth loosing your best friend over one little thing that doesn't really matter because he was bound to find out eventualy even if your friend hadn't told him

What do you do if your best friend is using your crush?

Then i guess shes not your best friend because a best friend should not be going with someone that you like especially if you told her!!!!!!!!!!!

Should you tell your best friend that your in love with them?

I told my guy friend that he was hot:-) he said oh.

Why did your best guy friend get shy when his friend told you and him that you should date?

Because he probably likes you. :-)

Theres this girl who i really like though she is dating your best friend you think she kinda likes you too when they breakup which she told you herself she will do soon what should i do please respon?

leave that situation alone, that's your best friend do not let a girl come between you two and if she was real about her intentions, she'll leave it alone to. If this personis truly your friend then you should not date his ex-girlfriends. If you still want to and if his girlfriend told she is going to break up with him and wants to date you then you should first ask your friend if it is alright with you dating her. If she will break up with him to date someone else she could possibly do that to you. If your friend is not alright with you dating her and you do and she breaks up with you, then you are left without a girlfriend and best friend.

What should you do if your guy friend told you they liked you but they have a girlfriend?

ask them since when they began liking you and assure him you guys are just friends

Should you believe a rumor about your friend and their girlfriend doing it at age 13?

No you should not. The rumor could not be true and if you don't like them because of what the rumor said. When they did not do anything. The best thing you should do is ask them and do NOT and when I say do NOT I mean it tell who started it or who told you!

What should you do when your best friends boyfriend told you a secret and told you not to tell and you told your best friend any way?

He may have been counting on you telling her. Using psychology, knowing you would most likely tell her being her friend.