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question his commitment to you, ask why he always cancels

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Q: What should you do if your boyfriend cancels your plans all the time?
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If your boyfriend hasn't asked you about your plans for Thanksgiving should you ask him?

If one hasn't been asked, one should ask. Now would be a good time to do so.

After making plans with your boyfriend how long should you wait for him to show up?

Well when u make the plans set a time when he should pick u up, and if he's over 15 min late call him and remind him about whatever ur doing. but if it keps happening tell him if he forgets again its over

Will your boyfriend ever meet up with you?

If he's your boyfriend then yes. He should make time for you.

If a man asks a woman out on a date then cancels due to a sudden stomach virus and has not since then offered to honor the planned date should she let him know that she is displeased with that or not?

He was obviously sick at the time, so some leeway is expected. Ask him when he plans to take you out again, but make it light-hearted and easy. Say that you were unhappy with what happened, but that you know it wasn't his fault and you are wondering when and how he plans to make up for it.

What if a guy cancels plans because he says there was a family emergency?

Well, if its true, you be mature about it and wait for another opportunity for a date to arise. If he was lying then you are probably better off not wasting your time on someone who couldn't be upfront with you.

Should you change yourself to keep your boyfriend?

DEFINETLY NOT! He should accept you just how you are! if he cant then perhaps its time to find a new boyfriend.

What should you do if you are mad at your boyfriend?

umm give it some time

How long should you give your boyfriend to cool off?

no time at all

Should you hang your knickers in your boyfriend's bathroom when you visit him for the first time?


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When do you kiss your boyfriend?

There Should Be No Type Of Set Date To Your First Kiss With Your Boyfriend, But When The Time Is Right It Will Happen, Don't Rush it !!

You and your boyfriend argue all the time and now you dont no what to do ne more?

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