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The first thing you should do is get to an emergency room to make sure you have a simple sprain and not something more serious, like torn ligaments. If it is a sprain, most likely what will happen is an ace bandage and instructions to apply alternating hot and cold packs at certain intervals.

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I guess I will post an obvious suggestion that you get an x-ray taken at the local emergency room.

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put it in hot water with salt and water

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Q: What should you do if you think you dislocated your leg?
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Did Niall Horan break his leg in October 2012?

I don't think he broke his leg, Niall said something about how his knee is killing him... so i'm guessing he dislocated it.

What happened to kari Byron's leg on Mythbusters?

She slipped in ballistics gel, and dislocated her knee.

My dog dislocated his leg the vet put it back into place but after a week my dog still won't walk on the bad leg should it take this long to heal?

my dog recently dislocated and chiped a bone on his front paw .. i took him to the vet , the vet said it will take 3 to 4 weeks to heal .. the vet also popped it back into place and now he has a cast so in the time frame the leg should heal hopefully .........

What should you do for your dislocated Knee?

consult an orthopedic

Is my 5 month old puppy's leg dislocated if she is limping on her right hind leg but when I felt her leg all over and applied pressure she didn't whine but when I pull her leg out she does?

A puppy's leg may not be dislocated if you don't feel anything out of place and it looks normal, but it may still be injured. Your puppy may just have a sore muscle, but she may also have a broken bone or other damage. Take her to a veterinarian if she continues to limp.

How do you tape the dogs dislocated toe paw?

This is the stupidest question ever but i think not

How did Matthew Gray Gubler break his leg?

I'm not completely sure of the details but I know for definite that he dislocated it while he was dancing.

Symptoms of a dislocated shoulder in a dog?

My dog got his shoulder dislocated last week.We took him to our vet and they took an x-ray and a veryshort time later they knew.Here are his symptoms prior to the x-ray:.He was holding one leg up and panting. He seemed in shockand was trembling. There was no doubt at all that he wasin distress and in extreme pain.His eyes were droopy and they were full of tears and you cansee a lot of pain in them.Lifting him into the car was very difficult. The paw that is connectedto the injured shoulder was super sensitive. Had to drive veryslow since he would yelp at every bump in the road no matter howsmall.

Will an ankle joint dislocate again?

Often joints that have been dislocated are more prone to be dislocated again. but with a bit of care it should be fine.

Does dislocated have a suffix?

The suffix of dislocated is -ed.

Is my hamster going to die it dislocated its shoulder?

A hamster with a dislocated shoulder is not going to die. He should be taken to the vet, who can pop the shoulder back into place and heal the hamster.

Should you play sport 1 week after suffering a dislocated jaw?