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You're going to go no where if you don't do anything. You should just tell her how you feel, its the easiest thing you can do. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!! Answer 1 is correct in that nothing can result if you do nothing; therefore, you MUST ACT. In order to act, you must override your shyness. To do this you must use COURAGE to help you. Many people think courage is something that people either have naturally, OR that courage is a LACK OF FEAR. Neither of these is true. One who has no fear is a fool. Fear is a natural self-protection device, which we sometimes allow to control us. Courage is a trait of character, which one must cultivate as it does not come naurally. Courage is the trait of knowing what is right or what must be done, and having the moral fortitude to go ahead and do what must be done, IN SPITE OF the FEAR. Even if you are wrong about thinking she likes you, the absolute worst that could happen if she were to reject your approach(s) would be to turn you down with some sarcastic response. If this were to happen, you would not be physically harmed, and therefore have nothing to lose. As answer 1 says, go ahead and tell her honestly how you feel, and see what happens. You may be pleasantly supprised, and if not, then you will have had a valuable learning experience in surviving negative results. We all need to learn this lesson in life.j3h

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2007-04-18 22:24:42
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Q: What should you do if you like a girl and you think she likes you but you're shy and don't know what to do?
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you should try to get his phone number, or make friends with someone that goes to his school and have them find out if he is likes you

What should you do if you think a guy likes you but you dont want to ask him if he does?

Ask his freinds and your freinds about it and see what they think about it. Good Luck!

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i would wait..if you really like him you should wait because you should make sure he likes you too. don't worry he will text you back hopefully.I would text him, but it depends on your personality. if youre bubbly and flirty, then its normal to text him more than once, BUT DONT BE ANNOYING ABOUT IT! dont constantly text him. if youre more laid back, i think you should wait. if its been more than a few days, maybe you should text him, but just once. never know, he may not have gotten it.

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you should if you like him that much...ask him to the formal and see how it goes...dont be afraid to ask a guy something.

How can you make a boy like you and he says that you are not his type?

I dont think you should try to make him like you. I think you should move on. A good boyfriend likes you for the way you are. One who makes you feel good, who makes your day. Who likes the way you talk and laugh. and likes the 'type ' of girl you are. Not one who doesnt think you are his type.

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What if you think this boy likes you but you dont know what do you do?

Try talking with him.

What do you do if you like a guy and dont think he likes you back?

then there is no use in liking him like someone who likes you

If a girl likes you and you dont like her what do you do?

i think you should just try to be nice to her you dont have to become her best friend or anithing but if she walks by you and says hi you should say hi! I agree but if she has told you she likes you be kind with the whole i dont like you thing if your soft you should be ok jst tell her the truth dat u dnt like her

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