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dont poke it!!

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Q: What should you do if you have soft spot that hurts on a adults head?
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A door came off its frame and the corner hit me on the head near my hairline just above my forehead Now there's a soft spot there and it hurts Is this normal or should I be worried?

Never hurts to go to the doctor with a head injury.

Do adults have soft spots?

An adult soft spot is usually a soft spot found on the side of the skull, instead of the fontanel that are found in an infant's skull. What the adult soft spot does, it actually supports the skull; avoiding a severe head injury.

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it hurts your mom

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Should you see a doctor after hitting your head its got a black and blue bump?

It depends on how hard or soft you have hitted your head

Does a Air-soft gun hurts?

It depends on where you are hit. And Yes it STINGS!

Does a Air soft gun hurts?

It depends on where you are hit. And Yes it STINGS!

Is it abnormal for the front and top of a puppy's head to be soft?

When first born, it is normal for the top of a puppy's head to be soft. This is called the soft spot or fontanelle and is where the bones of the skull have not yet fused to facilitate the birthing process. Over the next few weeks the soft spot should harden and fuse.

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I have a hard knot between my sholder and neck right above the collar bone in the soft area. It is smaller than a dime and hurts to be tuched. Should I be worried.?

Go to the doctors

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My son hit his forehead on the tile and it is soft and hurts when he blinks his eyes?

i think he will be fine but if its still happening after a long time then you should c a doctor xxo good luck