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== == Many people have the same fear. It is quite normal. Unfortunately homosexuality is seen as an immoral sexuality or "perversion".

When you tell people, you need to be very confident in yourself, and look them in the eyes. You also need to know that there are people out there that are not very nice, and know that they could be mean to you. But if they actually love you and want you to be in there life they should be nice to you and treat you the same. Maybe just tell the people, and say please don't say anything to me until you have processed what I just told you. Give it a few days and then call them. Then it will give them a few days to process the news and during the couple days of not talking to you, they will understand that it is more important to have you in there life then not to. Good luck Remain true to yourself! In this day and age it almost appears there are more people that are homosexuals or bisexuals that those that are heterosexual. It's far more accepted, but yes, there will be the odd person that may give you a rough time. Tough! If you are a good person then admitting you are homosexual to your best friends and family DOES NOT change who you are inside, and if anyone of those good friends gives you a rough time over it then they were never your friends in the first place and consider yourself lucky! Of course as the former poster said, it's going to be a shock (but some friends or family members may have caught on already that you are homosexual.) It will take time for some of these people to process the fact, but just give them time and don't change how you act and just be yourself. When you don't remain true to who you really are then your life is full of lies, deceit, trying to cover-up to the point of exhaustion. This is no way to live. My husband and I have homosexual friends (one has had a sex change and that was hard to get use too because George had become Sandra and we had to get use to that.) Other than that, we have no problem with our homosexual friends and they are no different than our heterosexual friends. We play cards, go to parties, have a lot of laughs. They are there for us and we are there for them. Last time I looked it was God that had the last say and I don't believe I was put on this earth to label. It's sad if one is friends with a person and then walks away over homosexuality. I pity such people because they can miss out on a beautiful person. Be you! Good luck

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Q: What should you do if you have denied your homosexuality all of your life and you now want to come out but you fear being insulted and criticized?
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