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Go to the doctor!

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Q: What should you do if you get punched in the nose your nose isn't bleeding but your teeth hurt very bad?
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Does getting punched in the stomach work your abs?

Well ,all of your air will be out and you will pass out , and it will hurt for a second.

How does it feel to be punched?

it ll hurt very bad

Why don't you have nose bleeds?

If you accidentally were cut the bleeding doesn't hurt, it's the gash itself that hurts. This is why when the bleeding stops a cut still hurts. A nosebleed is not a cut it's just bloodcoming out therefore there is no pain.(Unless someone punched you in the nose or something like that.)

Can people be hurt?

yes. epecialy if you fall, slip, or get punched

This girl punched you and this guy punched her back for m does that mean he likes you?

maybe, it might be that he thinks as you as a friend and doesn't want you to get hurt.

Why do your teeth hurt when you brush your hair?

Maybe you should see a dentist... or a therapist.

Should your gums hurt as your wisdom teeth break through?

There is a little soreness

Do bunny's teeth hurt when they grow?

yes they should chew on wood No, they do not hurt. Yes, they should have something to chew on (food is adequate) to keep the teeth worn down. A rabbit's teeth grow constantly. Proper bite and food to eat will keep them worn down properly.

Will soda pop hurt or stain your teeth?

yes but not hurt your teeth

Does Jacob get hurt by Bella?

well if Jacob was the same as us then he would have gotten hurt when Bella punched him but since he's a werewolf he didn't get hurt though Bella hurt her self in the doing so the only thing that told Jacob that he was punched was the crack that Bella's hand made when she hit him

Would it hurt to get punched in the face?

if you want to know then my little fisty is ready. (yes).

How did aaron carter get hurt on the house of carters?

He and Nick got into a fight and Nick punched him