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Ice it, then wrap a wet cloth around it.

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Q: What should you do if the back of my ankle hurts while running and after?
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What should you do if your ankle hurts while walking in middle school?

What to do when your ankle hurtsgo to the nurse's office to see what is wrong

How do you know if you tore your meniscus my inner knee hurts already one week and its getting worse?

If it swells and hurts while your running then you should go to the doctor and get it checked out

What does it mean when your ankle repeatedly gives out while running?

You have a weak ankle or it might break soon. I'm not sure.

Does running induce ankle injuries?

Yes. There are some high risks while participating long distances. I would recommend you try using ankle supports while training and running for extra support.

In Family Guy What does Death sprain while running after Peter to kill him?

his ankle

Can you sprain your ankle while running?

yes you can if you have unlevel feet mostly when you dont do a lot of running or if the ground is uneven

Can I run while treating my sprained ankle?

You can run while treating a sprained ankle but it is not recommended. Running can stop the sprain from healing properly and make it worse than it was before.

How do people get ankle running injuries?

While running can be a great form of exercise, ankle injuries are a known risk. Ankle sprains are commonly caused when too much force on the ligaments leads to tearing of those ligaments. This can happen when running on uneven ground (trail running). Overtraining's can also lead to excess stress on your ligaments.

What shoes will help me avoid a running ankle injury?

Wearing the proper track shoes will help prevent an ankle injury. These shoes are made with a wide and supportive sole so that you gain proper footing while running. They also provide a modest support for the ankle.

Is it okay to wear ankle weights while running?

yes it is ok because you are puting pressure on your calves and nowhere else

Is it ok if your heart hurts while running on treadmill?

Not must be dehydrated and need to eat healthy before excercising.

Instead of ice.what else helps the ankle to stop hurting?

You can try staying off your ankle for a couple of days and heat your ankle instead of iceing it. this might help. i did it to my leg and it felt better. ! I soaked my ankle in warm water for 10 minutes every day and it helped. I also stayed off it and avoided sports for a while. My ankle felt better but if your ankle hurts really bad, then I would go to a doctor. You could also try a roll on or gel pain reliever on your ankle. I hope my advice helps!