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You would really have to know for a certain fact as that would be quite the accusation. Speak with them and tell them what they are doing is wrong and it has to stop.

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Q: What should you do if someone is lying about being seriously ill?
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What should you do if your fried has been lying to you?

confront him and ask why has he been lying and being dishonest and then realize is that how a friend should treat you

Should you leave someone lying on the floor if they faint and hit their head?

if someone hits their head and faints you should always leave them lying on the floor because he or she might faint again

How can you tell if someone is lying to you through texting?

It is nearly impossible to tell if someone is lying through a text message. So you should either call the person or ask them in person

What does the term 'truthful' mean?

Truthful means telling or expressing the truth. When someone is being truthful it means they are doing the exact opposite of lying and the information they are saying should be trusted.

How long should a parent ground their child for lying and being sassy?

Depends on the degree on what they did.

What is the differences between lying and deceiving?

Lying is being untruthful, it prevents the truth or deviates it. Deceiving is to cause someone to believe a lie. It's basically the same thing in a way.

What is the study of lying called?

nerolinguistics is the study of if someone is lying

My best friend is lying to me and being rude how should I tell her to stop nicely?

"I feel that you are being rude to me. Can you please stop it and do not do it to me?"

If you were lying about lying about lying about lying were you lying?

NO,not at all.You are being truthful.I am confusing about confusion and confusing and confusing.TIT FOR TAT.

Perjury is to lying as homicide is to?

Perjury is to lying as homicide is to killing someone.

What does it mean if someone is constantly lying?

Chronic lying is a sign of sociopathy.

Is lying and cheating the same?

If you are lying about seeing someone else when you shouldn't be the it's cheating. If you are lying so you don't hurt someone's feelings or you're lying to protect yourself from something you did wrong it is not cheating.