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When with "friend a" tell him/her you do not want to talk about "friend b", but you do want to have fun together.

When with "friend b" tell him/her you do not want to talk about "friend a", but you do want to have fun together.

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Q: What should you do if both of your best friends fall out and you stuck in the middle of it?
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Best friends or enemy?

once best friends always best friends...there should be no enemys involved

What do you do if one of your best friends is mean to your other best friend and the first friend is always getting other people to be mean to the second friend and you are stuck in the middle?

Talk to the first friend. Find out what's her problem. No one should do that. And defend u're second friend- i bet she's feeling bad cause of everyone else. If u have to stop being friends with the first friend- she shouldn't treat u're friends like that.

What should your friendship bracelet say?

Best Friends or Best Friends Forever or Best Friends For Life ;)

I am falling for my best guy friend but he's also my best friend's ex-boyfriend Things have been bad and im stuck in the middle with their break-up What Should i do?

You're the one with the control, here. Back off and let it settle down. Otherwise you're liable to end up minus two best friends. You can't always have what you want.

What should you have boyfriend or best friends?

Best friends they are always gonna be there for you

Which one should you pick your best friend or your friend who you just became friends with?

If they are both your friends you should not have to choose between them. Introduce them and if they for some reason don't get along then that is between them and should not put you in the middle - you can divide your time between the two of them. Jealousy is so petty when it comes to friends.

What do you do when your friends with a girl and your best friends jealous?

Take them out for a drink and find someone else unless you want to be caught in the middle of your best friend and friends war

How many best friends should you havce?

it is unlimited you can have as many best friends as you want but there should always be one main best friend.

Two of my friends used to be best friends but now they have had a falling out and I hang out with on of them and now my other friend acts like im the enemy I dont want to be stuck in the middle?

Caitlin W that question was asked by you wasnt it? why dont you just tell the teacher that you dont mind if im not mikaylas best friend or at least say the truth about mikayla

How do you get a best friend in the middle of the year?

You should just be nice to people! Also you could try finding activities outside of school that you could make friends in!

What kind of matching tattoos should three best friends get?

Best Friends Peace signs

Should you have 1 or 2 best friends?

there is nothing like best or worst in friendship. friends are just friends they can be many.