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Rinse mouth. Do NOT induce vomiting. Refer for medical attention.

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Q: What should you do if a person swallows diesel fuel?
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What fuel is in the car disel?

It should be diesel fuel in a diesel car - in the US and Europe, that will be #2 Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel.

Where is the fuel pump on a 2000 7.3 liter diesel?

Should be in the fuel tank.

How many calories in 1 liter Diesel oil?

There are not any calories in diesel fuel oil. Diesel fuel oil should not be consumed by humans or animals. Consumption of the fuel oil can be fatal.

How many liters of air goes into a diesel engine for 1 liter of fuel?

Nine cubic meters of air is required to burn 1 liter of fuel in a diesel engine. A person does not put liters of air into a diesel engine. Liters of fuel are put into a diesel engine.

What is the octane rating of shell diesel fuel?

It should be listed on the pump. Generally speaking, diesel fuel ignition quality is not measured in octanes, as these are a unit for gasoline. Diesel fuel is measured in cetane not octane.Regular diesel--48Premium diesel--55Biodiesel (B100)--55Biodiesel blend (B20)--50Synthetic diesel--55A label should be affixed to the pump that states both the fuel type and cetane number. It's important to find a station that dispenses fuel of the cetane number recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

Does diesel engines run on diesel fuel or gasoline fuel?

Diesel engines run on diesel fuel. Gasoline will destroy a diesel engine.

Ford f 350 diesel no fuel to carburetor will not start 1985?

put some fuel in it or you should check the fuel pump it should be on the front of the block.

How do you drain the diesel tank on your 2000 Excursion after your son put in unleaded instead of diesel?

If you have a fuel pump then find the fuel relay and pull it, with a jump wire jump pin 30 to 87 and fuel should flow. If you have no fuel pump, then force air into return line and fuel should flow.

How do you adjust fuel on a 1987 f-250 6.9l diesel engine?

To adjust the fuel level, you should begin by putting fuel into the 1967 F-250 diesel engine tank. The fuel gauge will rise according to the amount of fuel purchased.

Is diesel a bio fuel?

Yes, diesel is a bio fuel

Will a petrol engine smoke if run with diesel?

Yes, it will smoke and will not run correctly, if at all. Diesel fuel will not explode and instead produce smoke. It can also clog your fuel injection. If diesel is added to a gasoline tank, the fuel should be removed. If there is too much diesel mixed in, the engine will likely not run at all.

What type of fuel can be used instead of diesel in some cars?

Only diesel should be used but in a pinch or emergency kerosene can be used. Diesel is usually number 2 fuel and kerosene is #1 fuel. By the way jet fuel is kerosene. So dont use it in a diesel to often, the higher octane rating could damage the engine over time.