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He/She should terminate (or discharge) the patient.

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This case depends upon the situation. If the patient is unconscious then doctor holds the right to do examination.

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Q: What should the physician do if patient refuses to sign the immunization consent form?
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What do you do if the patient refuses to sign an immunization consent form?

call security or kick them out

If someone refuses a blood transfusion how long do they have?

Refusing consent means that the physician has explained all of the benefits and risks of having a transfusion of blood and blood products AND the patient will not accept the risks associated with transfusion. It is a signed document.

My v5 tamagotchi refuses to train what should I do?

be patient. It will in time.

Are narcotic pain contracts legal and when a patient refuses to agree can a physician stop established narcotic pain management therapy knowing it will has caused harm to the patient?

Opiate agreement contracts are not typically legal contracts. They are a means to establish boundaries between you and your physician. Depending upon the state, your physician may dismiss you for no reason. Opiate withdrawal is not always harmful. Typically a trained qualified pain physician will try to wean you from opiate medications depending upon how egregious the opiate violation may have been. If the physician cannot get good information from the patient on current medication ingestion, this can be difficult. Of course death from opiate overdose is always more harmful than surviving withdrawal.

What should a medical student do if a patient refuses to answer a question reguarding sexual history during patient interview?

Respect the patient and stop asking.

Will emergency room staff sedate a male patient for urinary catheterization if he will absolutely not consent any other way?

No one. It is called assault and battery. Writing an order for forced sedation is a very legal matter and the one who writes the order is the one who will have to do it and no one else. That would be the physician assigned to the patient. However, where a patient is deemed incompetent to respond to questions and cannot vocalize or is unconscious this is a 'clinical decision' and an order to cathetarize would be followed. If there is a standing legal order to not cathetarize, there is literally nothing the ER staff can do even if it will save the life of the patient. Yes, it has happened where people of a certain set of religious beliefs refuses transfusion of blood or of blood products. The staff continues to try and save the life of the patient with any other means necessary. Violation of the patient's rights is a criminal matter and the police automatically get involved.

What should you do if the victim refuses first aid?

If a patient refuses first aid treatment, you should be bluntly honest with them and explain the outcome if they do not seek medical attention. You should be polite but be honest.

What does the phrase Be it so she will not here before your grace consent to marry with Demetrius mean?

If, in front of you (Duke Theseus), she refuses to marry Demetrius...

How does someone under the age of 21 get married in South Africa?

The Marriage Act of South Africa requires that a minor (i.e. a person under 21) has to get written consent from their parents and/or legal guardians before they can get married. If the parent or legal guardian refuses to consent, then the minor can apply to the Commissioner of Child Welfare. If s/he refuses to consent, then the minor can apply to the Judge of the High Court. You can read more about it at:

Eight urologists form a llc. one member refuses to treat a patient. can he legally have the patient banned form all eight members?

absolutely not. that is an abuse of power. this can be even life threatening for the patient, expecially if he is a senior or has serious urinary problems.

How would you describe Chillingworth's mindset and attitude?

In The Scarlet Letter, Roger Chillingworth acts upon his sense of vengeance, yet refuses to betray his duties as a physician.

If the birth mother refuses to consent to an adoption can it still go ahead?

Normally, No. The exception is if the state has declared her an unfit mother than the state decides what is best for the child.