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When one is talking the listener can do the following; take not some important details, participate by trying to understand the speaker's message, and cooperate and acknowledge the speaker's effort by showing interest through eye contact.

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Q: What should the listener do when one is talking?
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How can one become a better listener?

One ca become a better listener by not interrupting again and again. One should try to understand what other is saying.

When the speaker or listener is distracted by something in their environment such as people talking they are experiencing?


Is a listener a noun?

Yes, the word "listener" is a noun. It refers to someone who actively hears or pays attention to what is being said.

Which guy should you stop talking?

the one that is not mature

Is William Shakespeare a leader?

I gather you are not talking about William Shakespeare the playwright who died in 1616. You should probably specify which William Shakespeare you are talking about if you are not talking about the obvious one.

List three of the questions a careful listener should ask about a speakers evidence?

the questions that a careful listener should ask include:who is the speaker,what is speaker trying to say,what do the speaker's facial expression mean

What is the difference between should not talk and should not be talking?

There is technically no difference, but I would use them slightly differently. The first would be that one should not start talking, the second would be the thought that someone talking should not be. The doctor said she should not talk. The terrible things she said made him think she should not be talking.

Why should a good listener ask a speaker to provide more information?

The best way for a listener to verify his understanding of a speaker's argument before agreeing or disagreeing

What is startle?

A startling statement is one that surprises the listener.

What does it mean when Dan Yashinsky says the listener is the hero of a story?

I think he means it in two ways: one, the story can not exist with the listener's imaginative participation and two, the listener experiences him or herself -as- the hero while listening.

What is startling statement?

A startling statement is one that surprises the listener.

What is a startling statement?

A startling statement is one that surprises the listener.