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call 911, that's what I would do

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Q: What should happen if a worker has a significant illness or a serious injury requiring medical attention?
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What do you call an illness with a short duration?

Acute. An illness of long duration is called chronic.

How many american casualties were there in the vietnam war?

Over 58,000 dead, and over 300,000 wounded.

When to call 911?

You call 911 in an emergency - requiring medical attention, in case of a fire, or when the police are needed.

What does critically ill mean?

Critically Ill means that you have an illness that could drastically effect or end you life. --------------------------------- An illness that would be fatal without medical attention.

What constitutes a medical emergency that would require a medical assistant to get the attention of a physician or licensed nurse?

Respiratory distress is considered a serious medical issue in triage requiring urgent medical assistance from a Physician and Nurse.

How long does it take to develop symptons from foodborne illness?

The amount of time it takes to develop symptoms from food-borne illness is about 36 hours. One should seek medical attention if one is facing such illness.

Why are enlarged lysosomes a sign of a serious illness?

Enlarged lysosomes are a sign of a serious illness. These are organelles that collect the debris from cells and if there are swollen it means that they have malfunctioned and may require medical attention. .

What is the difference between a major illnesses and a minor illnesses?

a minor illness can be treated by the casualty and is not life threatning a major illness requires medical attention and can be life treatning in some situations

How do you get rid of Attention deficit order?

Attention Deficit Disorder is a medical condition which requires proper treatment from a mental healthcare professional. Medication and behavioral therapy can be used to treat this illness.

What is the first aid procedure for decompression illness?

1. Discontinue Dive 2.Seek Medical Attention 3. Consult a dive physician.

What is neomonia?

NeoMonia:is a nasty illness that needs urgent medical attention. Your pet will feel sick, tired, and grumpy until you give it the cure.

What are patients monitored for after a hepatectomy?

The health care team closely monitors the patient for bleeding, infection, liver failure, or other problems requiring immediate medical attention.