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just chillax a while with her. u will both become closer

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Q: What should an almost 12 year old boy do if he has a crush on a girl the same age as him but is to shy to admit it?
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Should you ask out your crush that you've had on this girl for almost two years?

yes u should

What do you do if you have a crush on a girl but are afraid to admit it?

I'm a girl. If someone liked me I'd want to know.

What does it mean when a female has a crush on you in dont know how to tell you?

if your asking: what do you do when a girl has a crush on you and wont admit it? then: freaking grab her and kiss her, easiest way to get her to admit, if she DOSEN'T like you, she'll probally B* slap you

Should you crush on a straight girl?

If you are a woman, you are setting yourself up for disappointment by having a crush on a straight girl.

Should an 11 year old girl have a crush?

Only if the 11-year-old girl wants to have a crush, she can. However, in my opinion, it should only be a crush at the young of an age. yes

Why wouldn't guys just say yes when their crush's friend ask them if they like any girl in her class?

Boys have cuties. They wont admit who they like because they are too scared to admit it. He thinks that his friend is going to tell the girl he likes.

What do guys usually answer when their crush's friend ask him if he likes any girl in class?

No or maybe because they don't want to admit it cause they know the girl is his crushes friend.

What does it mean when a guy tells his friend that a girl is stalking him but shes actually not and he looks at her a lot and smiles?

It means that the guy has a crush on the girl but he is has too much pride to admit that to his friends.

If you have a crush on this boy and you're quite sure she likes you but he has a crush on another girl what should I do?

Kiss him violently in front of the girl he fancies :P

Why would a guy you thought had a crush on you email another girl right away if you sent him your email and he doesn't respond?

Either because he doesn't really have a crush on you or he's too immature to admit that he likes you.

How should you tell your crush you like her?

it depends, if the girl/boy looks like shes interested in you confront her/him and slowly start talking about crushes or something like that and then try and preasure her very carefully and she may admit. But never admit to your crush you like her/him. (big mistake) If she/he doesn't look interested then don't take the step of preasuring her. If you do she may think you're a sicko and tell you her crush and it could be someone else. So remember never to admit you like him/her CAUSE ITS A BIG MISTAKE! if she/he likes you he/she will tell you when you presure. But recognize crushes who have no intrest in you. Hope this helped!

What should do if you scared to talk to a girl who has a crush on you?

ask your dad for advice

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