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Tell him why your sad trust is always good in a relationship

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Q: What should I do if my boyfriend see's me sad?
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When i am sad?

When you are sad you should find a person to talk to such as your parent boyfriend or girlfreind or brother and sister you need to think happy thoughts

Will you still get a boyfriend if you're slightly overweight?

Just being fat should not stop you from getting a boyfriend, if he sees that you are a smart girl and attractive then there should be no problem finding a boy.

What kind of sad song should you play when you want to let your boyfriend know it hurts to be ignored?

according to you :)

What to do if your mom walks in on you blowing your boyfriend?

Hahaha wow that's awkward, it really depends on her response to what she sees on how you should react

Your boyfriend is sad what can you say to him?

Maybe you can get him to talk to you about what is making him sad. Tell him you are there for him if he needs to talk.

Is the manga 'Absolute Boyfriend' sad?

While Absolute Boyfriend is mostly a romantic comedy, it does have its serious and sometimes sad moments, and the ending is a bit of a tearjerker.

Your boyfriend dumped you at homecoming?

if that really happened to you then you are a sad, sad person! If he did it at homecoming then you must have deserved it!

You are dating a guy and you told your ex boyfriend and he is sad what should you do?

don't worry about it. He's your ex. he doesn't really matter in that way.

Does kagome become sad when she sees kikyo with inuyasha?

No, when Kagome sees the guy she loves with his ex-girlfriend she becomes really happy.

Why does your boyfriend get erections so quickly as soon as he sees you?

Your not complaning are you?

Why did my boyfriend say that he would leave me if he sees a younger girl?

You should probably ask him. Hopefully he was joking, but if he is serious, it might be time to kick him to the curb.

What if the guy is happy when he with his friends and when he sees you looked sad?

Hes sad because he probably misses you or something happened between you two that hurt him or maybe he wants you but he cant because hes scared of what his friends might think. You should try talking to him and ask him why he always looks sad when your around.