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you should talk to him about it. just be nice about it. or you can be like i wanna go on a diet do you wanna do it with me . if he says no just go out and only buy healthy food.

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Q: What should I do if I am not sexually attracted to my fiance' after he has gained assessive weight?
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Atoms that have gained or lost electrons have charges and are attached to one another forming?

Ions, which are atoms that have gained or lost electrons, have charges and are attracted to each other to form ionic bonds. Ionic bonds occur when a positively charged ion is attracted to a negatively charged ion, creating a stable compound.

Why electrons move from anode to cathode?

The words are all arbitrary - - - BUT electrons have a "negative" charge and are attracted to a positive voltage. (Opposites attract.)

What happens when an atom that has lost an electron comes in contact with an atom that's has gained and electron?

It sounds like you're describing an ionic bond, as when, for example, Na+ joins with Cl- to make NaCl, table salt.

Is it okay to be Sexually attracted to fat girls?

Yes, many men and probably some women are attracted to bigger women. Answer 2 There are men who prefer women who are fat and, in fact, some who will deliberately attempt to make their partners get fatter. They are known as "feeders." My husband is someone like this. When we met, I struggled to keep my weight under control but he told me he would like me to gain weight and encouraged me to eat as much as I wanted. For a girl like me who loved good food, this was like being "a kid in a candy store." Literally. Of course I've gained wight like crazy but he tells me I'm more beautiful to him as I have gained. I was 150 pounds when we first got together and currently over 280 pounds and 5'3" so definitely in the fat category at this point. If you are a girl who loves to eat, it might make sense to find yourself a feeder. If you are a guy who is attracted to fat girls, look for one who is already fat and just loves to eat. Take her out to dinner and tell her she looks great.

Met a guy who seemed genuinely into you but was never very interested in sex?

There are many possible reasons for this, not least being that not all men are as sex-obsessed as the media would portray. Other reasons would include him being religious, him being principled, him being unsure of your intentions and him not being sexually attracted to you. The key to discovering why would lie in communication. Talk to him. Ask him. Find out. There is nothing to be lost from having a full and frank conversation with someone before leaping into bed with them and everything to be gained.

What happens when an atom that has lost an electron comes in contact with an atom that has gained an electron?

They form an ionic compound.

Is is possible for a man to enter into a relationship with a woman out of loneliness who he was not physically attracted to and still get fulfillment out of having sex with her?

Yes many men can get sexual fulfillment with some one they are not particularly attracted to. There is a difference between the fulfillment that is gained from a sexual relationship and mental or psychological relationship. If one is lucky one can have both with the same person however that need not always be the case and can lead to unhappiness.

What happens lithium atom that has lost an electron comes near a chlorine atom that has gained an electron?

The lithium atom, which has lost an electron to become positively charged, will be attracted to the chlorine atom, which has gained an electron to become negatively charged. They may form an ionic bond by transferring electrons from lithium to chlorine, creating lithium chloride.

Which describes an anion?

An anion is a negatively charged ion that has gained electrons. Anions are attracted to the anode in electrolysis and are typically formed by nonmetals gaining electrons to achieve a stable electron configuration.

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