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Hair bleach

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Q: What shampoo will remove medication from hair?
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What in shampoo helps remove oil and dirt from hair?

Any clarifying shampoo.

How do you remove hair stain from your hair?

U either wash your hair with special shampoo, or ask someone to remove the stain, if that doesn't work go to a salon and ask for advice, or wash your hair with normal shampoo.

Why rinsing hair to remove shampoo and conditioner?

shampoo is an emulsifier, meaning it bonds to water and oils. So by using shampoo and other soaps, the shampoo bonds to the oils and dirt in our hair, and the water also bonds to the shampoo so the oils are removed by rinsing the hair

Can acetone remove medication from hair?

No, it cannot.

What is a clarifying shampoo?

Clarifying shampoo is a type of strong shampoo. It is stronger than normal shampoo because it is formulated to remove buildup, dirt, and oil. Clarifying shampoos are used to remove all the dirt, dust, wax, or any other substance which we use on our hair, due to which our hair gets damaged. Clarifying shampoo help us in building up our hair as well as prevent our hair to get damaged.

Will olive oil remove hair glue?

It will remove some. I believe good shampoo will remove more.

What happens if you get hair remover in shampoo?

Throw it out. You will not only inadverdantly remove hair, it can burn your corneas.

How do you safely take dark dye out of hair?

Options to try to remove dark dye from hair: · Try L'Oreal's Colour Zap · Shampoo with clarifying (designed to remove product build-up or chlorine build-up) shampoo · Shampoo with Head and Shoulders - known to strip colour from hair

What do you remove when you shampoo your hair?

When you shampoo your hair you remove dirt and oils. The dirt has to be removed because it can harbor bacteria. The oil may be natural oil, so a bit of it is good, but too much can clog pores and leave your hair looking greasy.

Remove lid from shampoo then add couple dropsolive oil then fill with shampoo and stir with finger?

It works for shiny hair.

How do you you remove shimmer lights purple shampoo?

If you thoroughly rinse your hair, it will rinse off like any other shampoo.

How do you remove peanut butter that is stuck in your hair?

The best way to remove it is with water and some shampoo. Peanut butter will not permanently stick to or damage hair, which is good. Water will rinse it out, but shampoo is important so that the oils wash out and don't make your hair greasy.