What schedule is inhalants on?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Schedule III

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Q: What schedule is inhalants on?
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What is worst weed or inhalants?

Inhalants for sure.

Are inhalants addictive?

Is the drug inhalants addictive?

What is a good slogan for inhalants?

inhalants are almost as bad as africa

Why do people use inhalants?

People use inhalants because they are stupid

What is the legal name of Inhalants?

The legal name for inhalants is "volatile solvents." They are chemicals that produce vapors or gases that when inhaled can produce mind-altering effects. They are commonly found in household products such as glue, paint, and cleaning fluids.

Do hallucinogenic drugs include inhalants?

Inhalants are not hallucinogenic. One exception could be nitrous oxide but it is different from what most people refer to as inhalants (computer duster, butane etc) as it doesn't inherently cause damage where as other inhalants do.

Why are teens most at risk for using inhalants?

because younger kids don't even know what inhalants are. so, teens know more about inhalants then kids do. teens can be really bad so they choose to do inhalants the most of all.

Are inhalants stimulants?

Yes inhalants are stimulants because they cause hyperactivity. Therefore they are stimulants.

What are the costs of inhalants?

It depends on what kind of inhalants you get. Some are more expenisve than other

What are other names for inhalants?

i reallly don't know any other names for the drugs inhalants

What is a sentence with the word inhalants?

"While some inhalants are used for medical purposes, others are abused"

Substance whose fumes are sniffed to give a hallucinogenic like effect?

These substances are called inhalants.