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clot formation may occur and is minimized with anticoagulant medications administered during the procedure. Vascular injuries causing hemorrhage or thrombophlebitis are possible. Cardiac perforations are also possible.

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Q: What risks are associated with an electrophysiology study of the heart?
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What is the approximate cost in the US to do an electrophysiology study?

Mine was billed at $18, 425 for the evaluation with additional charges of $4,704 for "intracardia electrophysiology" and $5,428 for "Stimulations, pacing of the heart." The insurance company has a contracted price for less than that, however.

What is the origin of the term Electrophysiology?

Electrophysiology is of Greek origin. It is the study of electrical properties of biological cells and tissue. It measures voltage change or electric currents on many scales like ion channel protein to organs like the heart.

What procedure is involved in an electrophysiology study of the heart?

four to 10 electrodes are located on the end of the catheters, which have the ability to send electrical signals to stimulate the heart (called pacing) and to receive electrical signals from the heart

Of what advantage is an electrophysiology study of the heart compared to other noninvasive tests?

electrodes are placed directly on heart tissue. This placement allows the electrophysiologist to determine the specific location of an arrhythmia and, often, to correct it during the same procedure

What is the medical term meaning cardiology?

Cardiovascular is related to heart functioning and various blood vessels. It relates to the heart and the various blood vessels, like arteries and veins. It can also be used to refer to cardiovascular (cardio) exercise. For more information about cardiovascular exercise, or how to do cardiovascular exercise for either health or fat loss, see the page link, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

What consideration underscores the need for electrophysiology study tests?

The normal function of the heart depends on its electrical activity, and the effect of this activity on each of its cells. When a heart is diseased, impaired electrical activity is often the factor that leads to sudden death

Under what circumstances may an electrophysiology study of the heart be recommended?

when the standard EKG, Holter monitor, event recorder, stress test , echocardiogram, or angiogram cannot provide enough information to evaluate an abnormal heart rhythm (arrhythmia).

What risks are commonly associated with ECA stack?

The weight-loss and performance-enhancing drug ECA Stack is made of ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin. There have been many studies done on the risk of using it, one study showed cardiovascular risks, another showed heart palpitations.

What has the author H J J Wellens written?

H. J. J. Wellens has written: 'Electrical stimulation of the heart in the study and treatment of tachycardias' -- subject(s): Electric stimulation, Tachycardia, Therapy, electrophysiology, extrastimulus technique, heart

What preparation for an electrophysiology study of the heart does a patient undergo?

The patient may be advised to stop taking certain medications, especially cardiac medications, that may interfere with the test results. The patient fasts for six to eight hours prior to the procedure

An electrophysiology study of the heart may be used to assess what conditions?

certain tachycardias (fast heartbeats) or bradycardias (slow heartbeats) of unknown cause; patients who have been resuscitated after experiencing sudden cardiac arrest; various symptoms of unknown cause

What precaution is taken in electrophysiology study of the heart in pediatric patients?

prevention of complications in children may be increased by using ultrasound guidance for access to the internal jugular vein for coronary sinus cannulation (insertion of a tube for the transport of fluid) during EPS