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In the United States, people have the right to be protected from individuals deemed dangerous to them, and thus can obtain a protective order against a person who abuses or threatens them. They also have the right to be protected from unsafe food additives and pharmaceutical drugs, so the FDA regulates foods and drugs.

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Q: What rights do people have to be protected from harm or danger?
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To be protected from danger of harm?

Individuals have many rights and these include to be protected from harm and danger. To be protected from harm and danger mean to keep your information in confientaiality and to look after you in a good orderly manner.

What rights do individuals have to be protected from danger and harm?

Every individual has the right of protection under the constitution. And this is the role of the Government.

Is protected an attitude?

"Protected" is not an attitude; it is a state of being safe from harm or danger. An attitude is a way of thinking or feeling that influences behavior.

Who was the Egyptian god that protected people from sickness and harm?


Is the word safety a verb adjective noun or pronoun?

The word "safety" is a noun. It refers to the state of being protected from harm, danger, or injury.

What does the right to be protected from danger and harm mean?

The right to be protected from danger and harm means that individuals have the legal and moral entitlement to live in a safe and secure environment, free from threats to their physical and emotional well-being. It encompasses safeguarding against violence, abuse, negligence, discrimination, and other forms of harm that may pose a risk to an individual's safety and security. This right is often upheld through laws, policies, and social structures that aim to prevent harm and provide assistance to those in need.

How has God protected you from danger or harm?

A:I have never found myself protected from danger or harm, except by my own efforts, nor do I know anyone who has ever been saved by divine providence. Of course, there will always be occasions when someone escapes certain death by sheer luck, and some will explain this as protection from God. If God really protects people in this way, then he provides the same protection for Christians, Hindus, atheists and all others. When disaster struck in the form of an earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand, and similarly in Haiti, the cathedrals were not spared. Even when people shelter from danger in synagogues, churches or mosques, they receive no special protection.

What is the word safety in adjective a verb a noun or a pronoun?

The word 'safety' is a noun, a word for the state of being free from the occurrence or risk of injury, danger, or loss; a word for a protective device designed to protect or prevent harm; a word for a thing.

Why should children's rights be protected?

Children's rights should be protected to ensure their safety, well-being, and development. By upholding children's rights, we create a framework that promotes their physical and emotional health, provides access to education and opportunities, and safeguards them from exploitation and harm. Protecting children's rights is essential for building a just and equitable society that values the dignity and rights of every individual.

Is the word safety a noun?

Yes, the word "safety" is a noun. It refers to the state of being safe or protected from harm or danger.

What is the difference between danger and endanger?

"Danger" refers to a potential harm or threat, while "endanger" means to put someone or something at risk or in a dangerous situation. In other words, danger is the condition, while to endanger is the action of making something or someone vulnerable to that danger.

How do you spell pertected?

The correct spelling is protected. The mother protected her baby from the wind. Children are protected from harm.