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group therapy

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individual counseling

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Q: What resource is considered the first line of mental health treatment?
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Where can a person go for mental health treatment in Toronto?

There are a number of places one can go to for mental health treatment in Toronto. In an emergency one should visit their local General Practitioner or emergency ward. Other organisations who offer longer term assistance include the Canadian Mental Health Association and Community Resource Connections of Toronto.

Does treatment facilities provide mental health treatment?

Treatment facilities can provide mental health treatment in the worst scenario for the patient. Not every facility is treating mental health. If the patient demands cosmetic surgery, then it comes with a fee.

What is variolation treatment?

A treatment for mental or very ill health.

What is the different between mental health illness and depression?

If severe enough to be considered an illness, depression is one of many mental illnesses. Mental health is a term that describes both the constellation of mental illnesses and their treatment or prevention, and the processes and programs associated with them.

What is the focus of mental health treatment-?

The focus of mental health treatment is on improving the quality of life and functioning of the person suffering from the mental illness.

Is there a difference between a private mental health treatment center and a public mental health treatment center?

Private mental health treatment centers are usually more expensive than a public counterpart. On the other hand, the more costly services come with better quality of services.

What is the focus mental health treatment?

There is No difference among the disciplines. (A+LS)

What is a family resource center for?

Family resource centers are available for providing services for health, mental health, education, and recreation. They're also there for encouragement of community involvement.

What does parity refer to in mental health?

Parity is another word for equality. many states have enacted mental health parity laws. The goal of these laws is to force health insurance companies to cover treatment for mental health issues in the same manner that they cover other health issues. This parity rule applies to things like copays and managed treatment tools.

What is usually the first step of treatment for an emotional or mental health problem?


Who is the Community Mental Health Clinic in Alberta available to?

The Alberta Community Mental Health Clinic is catered to people with mental illness. Patients there will get support, psychiatric treatment and help with resources such as housing and employment.

Where can on find information regarding mental health services?

The 'Mental Health America' website has much information regarding mental health services including how to find treatment and what is available. In the UK one can find similar information on the NHS website.