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Tablet or Suspension of Albendazole 400 mg is a effective in almost all type of worm infestations. Only dose varies and one of the safest drug.(Contraindicated in Pregnancy.Where you have to use Tablet Pyrantel pamoate 150 mg.) Only dose varies. In Round worm infestation Single dose will cure it.(Tablet to be chewed, before swallowing.) (Dose of Suspension is 5 ml below 2 years and 10 ml above 2 years, including Adults.) For Thread worm infestation dose to be repeated every week for 4 weeks.(Witch may be extended to 12 weeks.) Nails of the child to be removed as scratching the anal area will bring back the infestation to mouth and then gut, back again.(Ova of this type of worm will not be found in stool worms as they are deposited in Perianal area by worm in night causing intense itching and can be detected by applying cello tape in Perianal area and then examined under microscope. For Hook worms single dose is enough for Ankylostoma duodenal(Old world infestation.) and for Necator American infestation(New world infestation.)dose to be repeated for 3 days, usually at night for better compliance. (We are at home by that time, usually.) Every body can take a dose of Albendazole monthly or every 3 months routinely.(Except women who should not take it in later half of of menstrual cycle if not on contraceptives.) Drug is so safe that in Echinococcus granulosis infestation Tablet is given twice/day for 4 weeks.For Tape worm infestation(Not infection, as they are from animal kingdom and Round worms are found to have SAME number of Genes as Humans have!)You can take Praziquantel 10 mg/kg as a single dose fallowed by brisk purgative. For Fileriasis , you can take Bi-ethyl carbazine 5 mg/day for 3 weeks, to be repeated 3 times, with a gap of 3 weeks along with newer Drug Ivermectin 12 mg twice a week with above drug should be given.(Not in Pregnancy as it was launched as insecticide.)(Bi ethyl carbazine can be cooked without loss of efficacy and was given to society in various food stuffs, like salt and including Coca Cola drink in some countries.)We have very good a Anti worms as there metabolism is very different from human cells and very Bad Anticancer Drugs as Cancer cells metabolism is very similar to Body cells.)

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Q: What remedy can be used for ridding the human body of all kinds of parasites?
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