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Q: What relationship exists between the weeds and the pechay?
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What relationship exist between the weeds and the pechay?


What type of ecosystem relationship is this weeds choke out the young corn plants in your garden?

type of relationship corn plant and weeds

What is the relationship between pond weed and goldfish?

Goldfish will feed on the algae and minute organisms found around the weeds.

What is the relationship between chamomile and weeds?

Competition for resources and space and representation of opposites on plant utility scales is the relationship between chamomile and weeds. Chamomile is an Asteraceae family member known aesthetic, culinary and medicinal uses whereas weeds generally grow where they are not wanted by cultivators, farmers, gardeners and orchardists. Chamomile and weeds that grow near each other will be competitive for adequate heat, light, moisture and nutrient levels to survive and sufficient above- and below-ground space to take in diluted nutrients by the roots.

What relationship exists between the plants and some of the animals in your quadrant?

Quadrant is an unusual word to use in the rest of the question, as one of its meanings is a quarter of the circumference of a circle. Far better to use the words garden or block of land.All plants are a source of food and shelter to many creatures. Pollinating can be said to one of the most important relationship functions of plant/insects and some animals. Bees are one of the most prolific pollinating insects. Some creatures with long hair or fur carry seeds to other parts of the garden or tract of land, though most are weeds. However animals cannot distinguish between weeds and wild flowers. The relationship can only be seen by those who open their eyes to what is going on around them.

Does a goat eat weeds?

Yes, goats eat weeds. They normally eat grass, but they cannot tell the difference between a weed and a piece of grass so they end up eating weeds.

What are the different types of ecological relationships between grass and weeds?


Which plants are Unwanted plants growing in between cultivated plants?

We call those "weeds."

What are is the Difference between a herbicide and an insecticide?

A herbicide kills weeds and an insecticide kills insects. :)

What is the collective noun for weeds?

The collective nouns are a clump of weeds or a patch of weeds.

How do you differentiate between grass and weeds?

There is no difference between grass and weeds. A weed is simply a plant growing where you don't want it to. Grass can be a weed in a flower border,or in a vegetable plot ,or on a path. Daisies or other plants may be a weed in a lawn.

Are flowers plants or weeds?

Even weeds are lplants and many weeds have flowers so flower are both plants and weeds. flowers you dont want growing where they are are weeds. as are plants.