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Q: What refers to temporal changes in ecological systems or within individuals?
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What are the ecological systems?

what are the examples of mutualism

Who is the theorist who believed in an ecological system that promotes reflecting on individuals within their specific experiences and frameworks?

Urie Bronfenbrenner was the psychologist credited with the ecological systems theory of child development. He saw the development of a person as being shapedÊthrough the person's interaction with his environment.ÊÊ

Why must extinction occur from time to time?

Over time, everything changes. Climates change, species evolve, ecological systems change, and so forth, and a species that was well adapted to a particular ecological niche may eventually find that its niche disappears or changes to the point at which that species is no longer adapted to it.

What are Bronfenbrenner ecological systems theory?

Bronfenbrenner's ecological systems theory is a framework that explains development as the result of interactions between individuals and their environments. It consists of multiple systems such as the microsystem (immediate environment), mesosystem (connections between microsystems), exosystem (external environments), macrosystem (cultural values), and chronosystem (historical context). This theory emphasizes the importance of considering multiple levels of influence on an individual's development.

What are the four layers of Brofenbrenners Ecological Systems Theory?

There are actually5 different layers and systems to the Brofenbrenners Ecological System Theory. These layers are microsystem, mesosystem, exosystem, macrosystem, and chronosystem.

What is system nature?

Natural systems are the systems that are not made by man. They are ecological systems that function without much, if any, human interaction. It is also a biological classification.

Which developmental theories are not stage theories?

Ecological systems theory proposed by Urie Bronfenbrenner and dynamic systems theory are examples of developmental theories that are not stage theories. They emphasize the interactions between individuals and their environment, as well as the continuous and dynamic nature of development over time.

What has the author I I Gietlson written?

I. I. Gietlson has written: 'Manmade closed ecological systems'

What do you think might be the advantage of applying systems thinking when analyzing an ecosystem?

This allowed them to study the flow of energy and material through ecological systems

Redevelopment of a community after an ecological disturbance?

After an ecological disturbance, community redevelopment may involve restoring damaged habitats, replanting native vegetation, and reintroducing species that were impacted. It is important to prioritize resilience and sustainability in the new ecosystem design to ensure long-term recovery. Community involvement and cooperation with experts in ecology and land management are key to successful redevelopment efforts.

Is nature ever really balanced or are ecological systems involved in a process of constant change?


Is nature ever really in balance or a ecological systems involved in a process of constant change?