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behavior modification

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Q: What refers to procedures that combine conditioning and modeling to eliminate undesirable behaviors and increase desirable responses?
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What is counter-conditioning?

Counter-conditioning is a behavioral training technique that involves replacing an undesirable behavior with a more desirable one. This is typically achieved by pairing the undesirable behavior with a positive experience to change the animal's emotional response. It is commonly used in animal training to help modify negative behaviors.

Are all changes desirable what can be undesirable changes why?

desirable changes are changes which we desire. Undesirable changes are changes which we dont desire. for example:souring of milk is a undesirable change and ripening of fruits is a desirable one.

When desirable or undesirable characteristcs of personality are evaluated you are assessing what?

When desirable or undesirable characteristics of personality are evaluated, you are assessing individual traits, behaviors, or tendencies that impact how a person thinks, feels, and behaves. This assessment helps in understanding someone's unique qualities, strengths, and weaknesses, and how they may interact with others and navigate different situations.

What is another word for not desirable?

Another word for "not desirable" would be "repulsive".

What is the prefix of desirable?


Who are desirable and undisirable according to Hitler?

desirable: blonde hair blue eyes undesirable: jews

How is rain sometimes desirable and sometimes undesirable?

rains are desirble in times of drought and undesirable in the times of flood

What would you do to desirable to make undesirable?

put 'un' in front of it

What is the opposite of desirable?

Undesirable, bad, unattractive, disagreeable, disgusting...

What are you assessing when desirable or undesirable characteristics of personality are evaluated?

When evaluating desirable or undesirable characteristics of personality, you are typically assessing traits and behaviors that are considered socially acceptable or unacceptable in a given context. This evaluation helps to understand how an individual's personality may impact their relationships, work performance, and overall well-being. It can also provide insights into areas for personal development or intervention.

Psychologists prefer negative reinforcement to punishment as a way to shape?

Negative reinforcement encourages behaviors to continue with the incentive of taking away something bad. Punishment encourages bad behaviors to stop through fear of consequence. Psychologists recommend using negative reinforcement over punishment because it encourages desirable behaviors instead of removing undesirable behaviors without putting a desirable alternative in its place, and because it is based on a positive hope for reward, rather than fear of consequence.

Is RH bill desirable because it is pleasurable?

no. Its a matter of controlling what is undesirable.