What race is Michael beasley?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Michael Beasley is African-American. He is most known for being a professional Basketball player with the NBA team, the Miami Heat.

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Q: What race is Michael beasley?
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When was Michael Beasley born?

Michael Beasley was born on January 9, 1989.

What is Michael Beasley's birthday?

Michael Beasley was born on January 9, 1989.

How old is Michael Beasley?

Michael Beasley is 28 years old (birthdate: January 9, 1989).

Is Michael Beasley better than Dwyane Wade?

Dwayne Wade is better than Michael Beasley because Wade has better statistics than Beasley

How many tattoos does Michael Beasley have?

A lot

How long is Michael Beasley's contract?

2 years

Which teams has Michael Beasley played for?

Michael Beasley has played for one college team, which was Kansas State University. He then was drafted by the NBA and he played for the Miami Heats first out of the draft. Then he went on to play for the Minnesota Timberwolves for a couple years. Now Michael Beasley plays for the Phoenix Suns and is still currently playing for them.

Is Michael beasley dating?

So far he's datin no one

Is Michael beasley married?

yes, he is married. his wife is from Shanghai, China.

Who is Michael Beasley?

Michael Beasley (born Jaunary 9, 1989 in Prince George's County, Maryland) is an American NBA Basketball player, who as of 2013 plays for the Miami Heat. Beasley had previously played for the Miami Heat between 208 and 2010, as well as the Minnesota Timberwolves, and the Phoenix Suns.

Does Michael Beasley have an eight-pack?

No , but you can see that he will be getting a 6 pack (maybe)

Who leads the ncaa men's basketball in double doubles?

Michael Beasley of Kansas State