What purifies water?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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boiling it to intence heat

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Q: What purifies water?
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What kind of water plant purifies water?


What cleans and purifies water?

Extreme heat...boil the water.

What element is puriftes water?

Chlorine is the element that purifies water. Its symbol is Cl.

How healthy is Philips water purifier?

well it purifies water so yes its healthy

What does iodine do in water?

It purifies the water but is relativly ineffective at killing a diarea causing bacteria.

What is the defition of hydrologist?

a hydrologist studies and purifies water and it is ascientist who studies the earths water.

Purifies the blood by removing excess water and waste product?


It Purifies the blood by removing excess water and waste products?


How does residential reverse osmosis water systems work?

it purifies the water and helps the earth go green

What is undistilled water?

Undistilled water has not underwent the distill process. The distill process purifies the water so undistilled water is not water that has been cleaned.

The subunit of a kidney that purifies blood and restores solute and water balance is called a?

a nephron

What do you use a Samsung filter for?

A Samsung filter is used for the purification of water in a refrigerator. Some refrigerators have water dispensers and this product purifies the water.