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doctors, lawyers, dentists, Accountants

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Q: What professional keeps their clients waiting?
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Name a professional who often keeps his clients waiting?


Name a professional who keeps his clients waiting?

if this is for family feud on the iPhone or iPod it is doctor dentist lawer accountant

Who often keeps his clients waiting?

Doctor dentist lawyer accountant

Create a Comfortable Waiting Area for Clients with Direct TV Service?

In your waiting area of the office you have the opportunity to make an immediate impression on clients. Whether they are new or old to your company, the use of a quality television and Direct TV service can provide a pleasant distraction for waiting clients. Interesting programming allows your clients to be at ease before meeting with you.

Why don't lawyers return calls?

They got many clients waiting for them so you have to call them

What should your professional image convey to your clients?

That you are mature capable and approachable

How may a Professional Engineer provide notice of licensure to clients?

is this working

Which letter of the alphabet keeps us waiting?

I think it's Gee...

What Is the passive of He keeps you waiting?

If you mean it as a verb, as in 'to keep waiting' then the passive tense is ' He kept you waiting'

What are patients and clients?

patients are individuals who are injured or in pain who need treatment by a physician. Clients are people who use the services of a professional service or company.

What is professional boundaries?

Professional boundaries are the limits a person or company may have in a professional setting. This could be not infringing upon another's work, not stealing clients, and not deceiving the company.

How does your relationships with clients be different to those you have with people outside work?

Your relationship with clients should be professional and cordial compared to the other people outside work.

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