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doctors, lawyers, dentists, Accountants

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Q: Name a professional who often keeps his clients waiting?
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Who often keeps his clients waiting?

Doctor dentist lawyer accountant

How often is The Merchant of Venice performed annually?

It's impossible to answer this, as nobody keeps track of it. There must be many school and amateur performances over and above the many professional ones.

Why professional service firms must pay more attention to retention strategies?

Professional service firms rely heavily on not only the skills of their employees, but the relationships that the clients form with those employees. The employees will gain knowledge about the clients business needs and history that are important to serve the client. Losing an employee in a professional service firm often results in losing that client, also. Therefore it is more important to retain that employee as compared to, say, an assembly line worker.

What does a field engineer do?

A field engineer is a professional who works at a job site other than the main company office or headquarters. The person often services clients at their homes and businesses and may work in a variety of fields.

Cultural needs of clients and or co-workers?

Culturally diverse client groups often have complex needs related to their clients, we often have within our team co-workers whose cultural.

What is the job description of dietitians?

Dietitians, often also called Nutritionists, plan food and nutrition programs and supervise the preparation of food. Their main task is to prevent illnesses and to assure that their clients eat healthy food that keeps their body in a good condition.

What professions often keep a client waiting?


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What is one type of workplace writing?

One type of workplace writing is professional emails. These are used to communicate with colleagues, clients, and other business contacts in a formal and concise manner. They often include information about projects, tasks, meetings, or requests.

what language and tone do you use in the salon?

Polite, professional, and friendly language is typically used in a salon. The tone is often welcoming, soothing, and customer-focused to create a positive experience for clients. Staff should always aim to be courteous and respectful in their communication.

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When wanting a quality image from a camera, professional photographers often use a flash bracket. The bracket has a flash that is not built directly in the camera and it keeps the images from having the red-eye effect.

Can I afford interior design help from a professional?

You can often save money by hiring an interior designer. Industry professionals have access to discounts from multiple businesses that they can pass on to their clients. Also, you can avoid costly mistakes and purchases by utilizing a designer’s professional services up front, rather than during a redo of a space that did not suit your needs or desires.