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A prison construction firm. That, or cellular mitosis.

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It is called meiosis.

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Q: What produces 2 identical cells?
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What produces 2 identical sex cells?

The "meiosis" stage in cell reproduction produces two identical sex cells.

What cell reproduces by mitosis?

Hi, Mitosis produces gametes that are sex cells. Mitosis produces 2 identical cells.

What is the number of cells resulting from mitosis?

2 diploid cells

What does Daughter cells produced when cells undergo mitosis are genetically?

2 daughter cells with the same genotype. (However, mitotic crossing over is not unheard of, in which case the 2 cells will not be genetically identical. )

What process produces daughter cells that are genetically identical to there parent cells?

This process is called cell division or mitosis.

Is identical diploid daughter cells mitosis?

mitosis ends with 2 identical daughter cells and meiosis ends with 4 non-identical sister chromatids.

Does mitosis results in four haploid gametes?

No - mitosis results in two genetically identical diploid cells.Meiosis creates four haploid cells.

In plant cells the splitting of the cell into 2 cells is caused by what?

Binary fission is when one cell divides to form two identical cells. Binary fission is a type of asexual reproduction, which is a reproductive process where one parent produces identical offspring.

What does meiosis create?

Mieosis is a cell division which produces gametes.

How many cells do you produce at the end of mitosis?

Mitosis produces two genetically identical daughter cells.

Why is the offspring not identical to parent in asexual reproduction?

The offspring is not identical to parent in sexual reproduction because sexual reproduction produces an offspring that is genetically different from the parents. ---- The answer above is actually incorrect. The offspring is identical genetically to the parent because mitosis produces cells genetically identical to the parent cell or cells. But the offspring itself is not identical.

What is the number of daughter cells in meosis?

The number of daughter cells created by meiosis is four. These cells, unlike in mitosis which produces only two identical daughter cells, are all different from their parent cell.