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Well, different teens go through different things. But in the end, it's all the same things. Depression is one thing. It could be with relationships with their boyfriend or girlfriend. Whether it's breaking up or starting a new relationship. It can also be caused by school and school work. Stress is also one. It could be caused also by school/school work or relationships with friends or boyfriends/girlfriends. Problems at home could also be one. If it's annoying little siblings or their fighting parents. The teen years are when the teenager is trying to find themselves. So things, at times, can be extremely hard and stressful for the teen. They do go through a lot and that's probably why teens and parents have a reputation for fighting all the time.

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Q: What problems do teenagers face?
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What major social problems face American teenagers today?

American's face many of social issues with today's teenagers. The main things that America faces are social violence and cultures.

Can teenagers have acne problems?

Yes teenagers can get acne problems but the best way to prevent acne is to wash your face every day. Once in the morning and once at night. Shhhhhhhh... I am Miley Cyrus

What are the problems parents face with their teanage children?

Teenagers are often prone to rebelling and acting out against their parents. While this is not the case for all teenagers, some parents must face problems including their teenager drinking, ignoring curfew, and dressing inappropriately. This may lead to them imposing stricter rules and punishments, but in the worst situations, teenagers may ignore these too.

Common problems of teenagers?

Teenagers face a lot of peer pressure. They feel like they need to conform when presented with alcohol and drugs. They also are pressured to have pre marital sexual relationships.

Why did teenagers join gangs in the 1960?

One of the reason that teenagers joined gangs in the 1960 were because they had family problems or just problems in there life.

Problems faced by most teenagers?

Low self esteem not being able to talk to their parents about the opposite sex, and always trying to fit in. They face relationship problems with friends such as peer pressure such as drugs and alcohol. Getting teased for how they dress and their identity trying to find theirselves. They also face problems with trying to change their selves for others and always fighting with friends. They face acene problems and being embarassed for who they are or how they look.

What does Teenagers by Pat Mora mean?

It is a poem that speaks about how teenagers have communication problems with their parents.

What causes hole in a teenagers face with acne?


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Talk to them about their problems

What problems do the Amish face?

what problems to the amish population face

How the teenagers become a rude person?

the reason they become rude is because of problems they have or because they're teenagers!

What is the number one thing teenagers have to face?

peer pressure (:

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